Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

A 1994 Nero Black Alfa 155 Q4

This good looking Q4 was bought in Germany 2003, being a 2004 model, it is now located in Finland and has had a few sensible modifications made, which include.

Engine squadra chip, custom made 3" stainless steel exhaust and intercooler, free flow air filter, piston type dump

Interior boost- and air/fuel meters on A-pilar

Further plans for this car include a new GT 28 71 R Turbo and exhaust manifold. With a figure of 300 bhp being the target!
The car is on the road running with 126000 km under its belt

It looks like plans for the new GT28 turbo have been shelved, as a brand new custom GT40 has been purchased for the car. As you can see its pretty huge and should make a big difference to how the car behaves.


A few more mods have now been carried out on the car, the battery has been moved to the boot and a custom air inlet has been made to go between intercooler and plenum chamber. New sports brake discs have been fitted, and the car has been fettled on a dyno, the end result being 324.3 BHP and 421.6nm of torque. Impressive.
A new set of 16" oz- ultraleggera mgs wheels have also been fitted.