Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

An early Rosso Alfa 155 Q4 from Serbia

Here we have yet another Rosso Q4, this time residing in Serbia. The car had a new engine 30,000 kms ago, along with a Turbonetics T3 Super Sixty Turbo. All the hoses associated with the turbo have been replaced with solid pipes to improve throttle response and decrease the risk of splits.

The car has the imfamous waterspray kit making it one of the series 1 cars. But unusually it comes with black and red leather seats.

Another curiosity are the 16" speedline wheels, curious because they are white instead of the usual gray or black. And in this case, on a red car they look pretty fine.

Interior entertainment is taken care of by a monster ICE install which culminates in 2x 12" JBL subwoofers in the boot.

The owner is a member of the Alfa Romeo club Serbia, which can be contacted here