Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

1994 Series 2 Alfa 155 Q4

Current status Future Mods

So what does the future hold for this Q4?

Brakes: The current setup of Fiat Coupe disks/Grale calipers is going to be moved to the rear of the car to make way for 330mm cross drilled and vented disks gripped by Alfa 166 3.2 24v calipers.

Suspension: The standard setup is obviously well past its best by now so over the winter of 07-08 it is going to be replaced by a full coilover setup.
The original anti-roll bars will be replaced with uprated sports items, and strut braces will be fitted front and rear. Also all the bushes will be replaced with poly bushes.

Engine Bottom end: Alongside the original engine currently in the car, the owner is also in the possesion of a second engine which is going to be heavily modified. Current plans for the engine include a full overhaul of the bottom end with uprated big end bearings and forged conrods. This uprated bottom end will be spun up by forged pistons.

These uprated components come with a proven track record as they are used by the supplier in his own Lancia Delta Integrale which during the summer of 2007 ran the quater mile (402m) in 9.74sec. This is with an old engine producing only 749hp. With a new engine on the stand he is hoping to reach 1000hp

Engine Head: The cylinderhead of the engine will modified to improve gasflow and volume. The main bolts will also be replaced with larger M12 instead of M10 bolts.
A Spesso headgasket stronger and thicker than standard will be used, with individual cylinder sealing rings.
Vernier cam timing is going to be used to enable accurate setting up of the engine timing, but the choice of which cam to use has yet to be decided upon. The options are pure race cams, modified originals, original cams, or the cams from the 2.0L n\a engine as fitted to the Tipo.
Plans for the inlet manifold are either a modified original, Delta Integrale, or a complete custom manifold.
Larger injectors are of course going to be needed, and their mounting position will be changed in order to get the most out of them.
A new exhaust manifold is going to be needed to mount up a larger turbo modified to improve response and power.
To get rid of the exhaust gases as efficiently as possible, a 3.5" turbo elbow will be sourced or created and mated up to a full 3" exhaust system.

Transmission: The flywheel is going to be reduced in weight and is going to be mated up to a 4 plate sintered clutch with a sprung centre so it is still relatively easy to drive on the road. A stronger pressure plate is going to be used so that the clutch is capable of dealing with the increaded power.
The gearbox is going to get 4mm reinforcing steel plates on either side to increase overall stength and allow it to survive the increased engine power.

Bodywork: The front bumper has already been modified, but over the winter it is due to be remade in fibreglass instead of the original thick plastic. The rear bumper is also going to be modified and recreated in fibreglass as well.
The front wings are probably going to be replaced with widebodied wings to increase clearance as once the coilover suspension and larger brakes are mounted the standard wings will foul the tyres.

Interior: Inside of the car as much weight as possible will be saved by replacing all the door panels with aluminium ones. The carpets will be lifted and all the noise insulation will be removed then the carpets will be replaced to keep some comfort for the passengers.
Noise insulation will be removed from the boot to help reduce weight as well, but as with the cabin, the carpets will be kept.
All the seats are remaining, so the car will still be a 4 seater.