Widebody Q4

Here we have something that is rarer than rocking horse shit in the UK. A wide bodied Q4 in Rosso red. unfortunately after an argument with a roundabout the car is looking less than perfect.
What you see here is a work in progress being undertaken by the cars new owner.

The car is still off the road, but work is progressing, so far, all the belts that were damaged in the accident (alternator, power steering, aircon & balance belt) plus the bracket for the crank sensor have been sourced. The wipers and linkage were removed prior to the present owner taking delivery of the car and these have now been reunited with the car.
A squadra chip, alarm, locking wheel nuts and some other sundries have also been sourced for the carl .
Still needed is a replacement oil cooler, as 189 +vat from Alfa is just a little too steep. A bespoke cooler and hoses is on the cards not ordered just yet.
On the bodywork front, lancsbreaker's in darkest Altham near Burnley provided an offside front wing, offside rear wing (unbolted ok), front & rear bumpers and a bonnet. All that was loaded into the back of a borrowed Renault 21 Savannah estate and trucked back down to the car.
Fitting the panels and painting them up has been left in the hands of a trusted bodyshop. Although the near £1k quote for this work is one serious pill to swallow. There is some pulling in the quote as the nearside rear corner has had a wee push by the bumper. Nothing too serious but enough to have the garage about a jig session. The owner is going to try and borrow a portapower and push it out himself before the garage gets its hands on it to make the bodyshop bill a good bit cheaper.
Work on the car has progressed well over the past couple of months and the car is nopw back on the road with just a couple of jobs needed to finish it off completely. Its looking very very good



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