Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register


A colour coded Rosso Q4 from Finland

Pictures of this Q4 were taken at the Bella Italia, italian car meeting in Finland.
The car has covered 120,000 Km's and has been subtley modified. 3" stainless steel exhaust from downpipe to rear silencer, with only 2 freeflow silencers and no Cats. A larger than standard radiator is fitted to help summertime track running.
A squadra chip if fitted to squeeze more power from the engine, and this is aided by a twincone air filter. To make sure the driver knows what is going on a boost gauge is also fitted.

All of this workresulted in 220bhp and 300Nm when the car was run on a dyno.

Outside, a Bonrath DTM single wiper conversion is fitted, along with black side repeaters. The car runs on 17" Zender Monza wheels, with the standard Q4 wheels being retained and fitted with winter tyres. The car currently runs on unknown lowered springs.

Inside, the driver is supported by Recaro sports seats, with one or two other interior changes making the driving environment all the better.

Plans for the future include a new intercooler, inproved turbo, maybe hybrid to allow increased boost. Better brakes and brake pads, EBC Green stuff. A respray in the same color (alfa rosso 130) an air/fuel gauge and Koni sport / bilstein shock absorbers (front are already ordered)