Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

A Pristine series 1 Q4 from Norway

This Rosso Q4 spent the early part of its life in Milan, covering just 59000km in 12 years. The car then relocated to Norway where it has covered a further 4000km. Yep its an early car with just 63K km!!

The car has recently passed to another owner in Norway who is in the process of sorting out the performance which seems a little bit under par.

Being an early car, it came complete with the intercooler waterspray kit, but as always it wasn't functioning.

Before the car left Italy work was carrid pout on the car including, a replacement clutch, new waterpump and new brake servo. Perished rubber hoses were replaced and a shiney new set of 16" OZ Superlegera wheels shod in sexy Pirelli P-Zeros were included.