Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

Black Series 1 Alfa 155Q4 from Sweden.

This Q4 has been rebuilt over the past 2 years and is almost ready for the road. It was bought as a project consisting of a shell along with body panels and a few large boxes containing the engine and gearbox. Sounds a daunting project even before you realise it was the owners first Alfa, first engine rebuild, first turbo car and first 4wd car. Nothing like jumping straight in at the deep end is there!!!

After a little head scratching the engine was rebuilt with:

Forged Rods/Pistons
Balanced Flywheel
New Helix 4-paddle Sintered clutch
New crankshaft
Rebuilt head with all new components
ARP headbolts 12mm
(Grp A spec) exhaust manifold 4-1
Bigger Turbo
Frontmounted Intercooler in ALU
Bigger fuelpump and injectors
Open to atmosphere dump valve
Strengthening plate for the gearbox housing
Steel head gasket
Modified oil-pickup

Poly-bushes have also been mounted more work on handling will come in the near future everything has been cleaned and (almost everything!) painted along the way.

All it needs now is a remap to make best use of these modifications and an MOT.