Alfa Romeo 155 Q4 Owners Register

Red Q4 from Lithuania

At present this Q4 from Lithuania has a few suble modifications, including a custom clutch, custom made exhaust manifold mated up to a free-flow exhaust fabricated by Autostilius. In preperation of future mods higher flowing injectors have been installed, along with Greddy dump (BOV) valve and samco small bore hoses. Breathing is taken care of by the use of a custom air filter. All of these modifications have been optimised by the use of a custom written chip also fabricated by Autostilius.

The car rides on Lancia Delta HF Integrale rims shod in Michelin Pilot tyres, and a Greddy boost gauge keeps an eye on the state of the turbo.

At the front of the car a custom HID light kit has been fitted.

The car has been tucked away in a garage for the winter during which time a few more substantial mods will take place.

These include a custom ceramic clutch, forged pistons an upgraded custom gearbox and a full Samco sport hose kit. A larger Intercooler will also be fitted.

The Integrale rims will be replaced with Leggera rims.