General Alfa Romeo videos


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Alfa Romeo History Part 1
20 Mb 12 minutes

Alfa Romeo History Part 2
18 Mb 11 minutes
Alfa 33 16v messing about at an airfield. 90 seconds, 14Mb Mpeg
Alfa 33 vs Honda Civic drag race. 30 seconds 5 Mb Mpeg.
Alfa 75 V6 0-200 kmh run (large) 60 seconds 14Mb AVI
Alfa 75 V6 0-200 kmh run 60 seconds 4.5Mb WMV
An Alfa 75 drifting around a couple of corners on a racetrack 15 seconds 1.2Mb WMV
Compilation video of Alfa 75's, including out on track in a snowstorm, 3:31 minutes, 17.5Mb WMV
Alfa 90 streetracing 2:30 minutes, 5Mb WMV
Alfa 155's and 156's handling circuit at an airfield. 1:30 minutes 11Mb AVI
Rally prepped Alfasud with Ferrari engine.