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1994 Series 2 Alfa 155 Q4

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This car was bought by its present owner 3 years ago and was in pretty good condition apart from poor paint condition and a worn drivers seat. It is a 1994 model so that makes it a series 2 and has only 126,000 km. on the clock.

So far the list of modifications is fairly small, the bonnet has a small vent above the location of the original airbox, and the airbox has been replaced by a HKS mushroom airfilter that is located down where the original intercooler used to live. This space is free as the original intercooler has been replaced by a larger front mounted item. Fitting this was quite a job and involved fabricating new pressure tubing all the way from airfilter to turbo, turbo to intercooler and intercooler to inlet manifold. All of this tubing has been fabricated using 3" pipe and welded where possible to reduce the risk of leakage in the future. A connection for a new HKS dump valve has also been welded into this pipework.
In addition to all the new pipework the front bumper also needed to be discretely modified to accomodate the new intercooler. The lower lip of the bumper needed to be cut free of the main bumper and moved forward by about 50mm then re-welded back on. At the same time the front fog lights were removed, the holes enlarged and filled with mesh to help feed cold air to the new intercooler.

To allow all the new pipework, airfilter and intercooler, the battery was moved back to the boot. This also helps a little with the weight balance of the car.

At present the car is still running with the standard OEM exhaust manifold from head to turbo, but everything after the turbo has been replaced with 3" pipework.
The ECU has been upgraded and reprogrammed on the car to take full advantage of all of the modifications, and of course ensure that everything remains within safe limits.

Braking for the car is taken care of by front disks from a Fiat coupe 2.0 20v Turbo ,315mm drill and vented, gripped by 4piston calipers from a Lancia Delta Integrale Evo. So keeping all the hardware in the family so to speak.
All of this is braking is wrapped in a 17" white painted alloy shod in standard width 205/40-r17 tyres.
The car still rides on standard suspension but there are plans inplace to change this over the winter of 2007-8

Inside of the car the front seats are long gone and now there are 2 sparco sports seats instead together with 4-point safetybelts holding the driver and passenger firmly in place. The car controls have been improved with the fitting of a suede rimmed Sparco steering wheel of a smaller diameter, the gearshift has been reduced in length the create a shortshifter and the foot pedals are all now alloy.
The alloy theme is continued onto the centre console where the original location of the stereo has been replaced with a flat alloy plate holding additional switchgear.

Additional gauges have also been added to the interior, nestling behind the new dteering wheel are a 60mm turbo pressure gauge and O2 gauge.

To read about the plans for the future of this car please take a look at the Future Mods page.


Update: 22nd Feb 2008

A few more modifications have been completed on the car since the last update, the Lancia Integrale Evo calipers and Fiat Coupe disks have been moved from the front to the rear of the car, to enable them to fit new spacer plates needed to be manufactured. Also because the calipers are essentially front calipers they have no facility for a parking brake. For the time being the car is living without a parking brake, but at some point in the future a hydraulic parking brake will be fitted.
New front 330mm drilled disks from Galfer and larger 4 piston calipers from an Alfa 166 3.2 have been fitted at the front. Again new spacer plates needed to be manufactured to allow these larger calipers to be fitted.

Quite significant modifications have also been made to the engine, firstly to allow higher boost pressure with a larger margin of safety, M12 cylinderhead bolts have been installed instead of the standard M10 bolts.
New forged pistons and con-rods have arrived, the pistons are slightly shorter than original and the con-rods are slightly longer to make up the difference.
The tops of the pistons have a deeper dish to allow the fitment of larger valves, infact with the new pistons 1mm larger valves can be fitted all round.